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VALD news 3rd of January 2008 (Major Update)

A major update of VALD-2 is provided. It includes a number of new data as well as corrections to previous files. As most of you noticed there were abnormally strong Si I lines which have never been observed in stellar spectra. On our request Dr. Robert Kurucz recalculated Si I data and a new file is included in VALD. Accordingly, we removed old Si I data from 'Si.nlt' file, saving the remaining Si II data unders the name 'Si2.nlt'. Also, we switched to more precise wavelengths measurements of Cr I lines, and corrected wavelengths of Cr I lines in all files correspondingly to avoid double extraction of a line. We also corrected a few typos in the energy levels which resulted in wrong Ritz wavelengths in the Raassen & Uylings transition probabilities calculations for Cr II and Fe II.

Improved wavelengths and oscillator strengths for Ti II are available from the group at Imperial College, London. The DREAM Nd III datafile as well as the Nd III data in file 'Nd' are removed and replaced by the transition probablities calculations based on the reclassification of Nd III energy levels. The old 'gf26_obs' file which contained calculations of the atomic data for Fe lines from Kurucz88 is replaced by new Kurucz calculations from 2006-07 which are based on the extended analysis of the term structure of Fe ions. At present this file contains 241420 spectral lines of Fe I - Fe VI.

A collection of the Ca I and Ca II atomic parameters has been created after the detailed study of the NLTE Ca lines formation (see Mashonkina et al. 2007, A\&A, 461, 261). New experimental oscillator strength mesurements with error estimates are available due to excellent work of our colleagues from the Lund and Wisconsin Universities. They provide us with the data for Zr II, Mo II, Ni II, Pt I, Hf II and most rare-earth elements from La to Lu. A set of reliable transition probabilities for Th II and U II are available, which are based on the combination of experimental lifetimes and theoretical branching ratios.

Below you find a list of the new data included in VALD-2 with the corresponding references. Please, do not forget to make explicit references to the source of the data when using them in your studies. Note, that information on the source abbreviations as well as on the error estimates is available only via the 'show line' request as well as via the 'long format' option of the 'extract all' and 'extract element' requests. The default configuration has been changed accordingly, but all old files have been saved. You may reuse them as well as define your own selection of source lists and quality weights by using the "Personal Configuration" function of the VALD Web interface.

New input:

  1. Si I new calculations - file 'Si 1: Kurucz_2007' #'si1_kur07'

  2. Ca I lines with the experimental oscillator strengths and Ca II from TOPBASE - file 'recommended: Ca 1,2' #'Ca_recommend'
    Ca I
    SR: Smith G., Raggett D.St.J. 1981, J. Phys., B14, 4015
    S: Smith G. 1988, J. Phys. B. At. Mol. Opt. Phys., 21, 2827-2834
    SN: Smith G., O'Neil J.A. 1975, A&A, 38, 1
    ABH: Ahmad I., Baig M.A., Hormes J. 1994, Phys. Rev., A49, 3419
    Sh: Shabanova L.N. 1963, Opt. Spektrosk., 15, 829
    SG: Smith G., Gallagher A. 1966, Phys. Rev., 145, 26
    DIKH: Drozdowski R., Ignaciuk M., Kwela J., Heldt J. 1977, Z. Phys., D41, 125
    Sm: Smith G. 1981, A&A, 103, 351 (VdW constants)
    Ca II
    Td: Theodosiou, C.E. 1989, Phys. Rev., A39, 4880
    TB: Cunto, W., \& Mendoza, C. 1992, Rev. Mex. Astrofis., 23, 107 (TOPBASE)

  3. Fe I to Fe VI - file 'GFIRON obs. energy level: Fe (2007)' #'gf26_obs_07'
    K06, K07:

  4. Ti II wavelengths measurements and oscillator strengths calculations - file 'IC: Ti 2' #'Ti2_IC'
    PTP - Pickering J.C., Thorne A.P., Perez R. 2001, ApJS 132, 403

  5. Mn II experimental data - file 'Kling, Schnabel, Griesmann: Mn 2' #'mn2_KSG'
    KG: Kling, R., Griesmann, U., 2000, ApJ 531, 1173-1178
    KSG: Kling, R., Schnabel, R., Griesmann, U., 2001, ApJS 134, 173-178

  6. Experimental data from Lund group - file 'Lund: Zr 2, Mo 2, Th 2, U 2' #'lund_Zr-Mo-Th-U'
    Zr II data
    SLW: Sikstr\"{o}m C.M., Lundberg H., Wahlgren G.M., Li Z.S., Lyng\aa\ C., Johansson, S., & Leckrone D.S. 1999, A\&A 343, 297
    LNAJ: Ljung G., Nilsson H., Asplund M., & Johansson S. 2006, A\&A 456, 1181
    Mo II data
    SPN: Sikstrom C. M., Pihlemark H., Nilsson H., Litzen U., Johansson S., Li Z. S., Lundberg H. 2001, J. Phys. B34, 477, 490
    Th II data
    NZL: Nilsson H., Zhang Z.G., Lundberg H., Johansson S., Nordstr\"om B., 2002, A\&A 382, 368
    U II data
    NIJL: Nilsson H., Ivarsson S., Johansson S., Lundberg H. 2002, A\&A 381, 1090

  7. Experimental data from Wisconsin group - file 'Wisconsin' #'wisc_vald2_new'
    Ni II
    FW: Fedchak J.A., Wiese L.M., & Lawler J.E. 2000, ApJ 538, 773
    FL: Fedchak J.A., & Lawler J.E. 1999, ApJ 523, 734
    La II
    ZZZ: Zhiguo, Z., Zhongshan, L., Zhankuia, J., 1999, EPJD 7, 499-502
    LBS: Lawler, J. E., Bonvallet, G., Sneden, C., 2001, ApJ 556, 452-460
    Nd II
    HLSC: Den Hartog, E. A., Lawler, J. E., Sneden, C., Cowan, J. J., 2003, ApJS 148, 543
    Sm II
    LD-HS: Lawler, J. E., Den Hartog, E. A., Sneden, C., Cowan, J. J., 2006, ApJS 162, 227
    Eu I
    DHWL: Den Hartog, E. A., Wickliffe, M. E., Lawler, J. E., 2002, ApJS 141, 255-165
    Eu II
    ZLLZ: Zhiguo, Z., Li, Z. S., Lundberg, H., Zhang, K. Y., Dai, Z. W., Zhankui, J., Svanberg, S., 2000, Jour. Phys. B33, 521-526
    LWHS: Lawler, J. E., Wickliffe, M. E., Den Hartog, E. A., Sneden, C., 2001, ApJ 563, 1075-1088
    Gd II
    DLSC: Den Hartog, E. A., Lawler, J .E., Sneden, C., Cowan, J. J., 2006, ApJS 167, 292
    Tb II
    LWCS: Lawler, J. E., Wickliffe, M. E., Cowley, C. R., Sneden, C., 2001, ApJS 137, 341-349
    Dy I, Dy II
    WLN: Wickliffe, M. E., Lawler, J. E., Nave, G., 2000, JQSRT 66, 363
    Ho II
    LSC: Lawler, J. E., Sneden, C., Cowan, J. J., 2004, ApJ 604, 850-860
    Tm I, Tm II
    WL: Wickliffe, M. E., Lawler, J. E., 1997, JOSA B14, 737
    Lu I
    FDLP: Fedchak, J. A., Den Hartog, E. A., Lawler, J. E., Palmeri, P., Quinet, P., Biemont, E., 2000, ApJ 542, 1109-1118
    Hf II
    LDLS: Lawler, J. E., Den Hartog, E. A., Labby, Z. E., Sneden, C., Cowan, J. J., Ivans I. I., 2007, ApJS 169, 120
    Pt I
    DHL: Den Hartog, E. A., Herd, M. T., Lawler, J. E., Sneden, C., Cowan, J. J., Beers, T. C., 2005, ApJ 619, 639

  8. New VdW - file 'VALD 2: VanderWaals_new_corCr' #'vdw-barklem-99-07-corCr'
    Barklem, P. S.; Piskunov, N.; O'Mara, B. J. 2000, A&AS 142, 467
    Barklem, P.S., \& Aspelund-Johansson, J. 2005, A\&A 435, 373
    with new data for Cr (unpublished)

  9. Corrections

    1. Cr I corrected energies and wavelengths - file 'Kurucz-Murray: Cr 1' #'cr1_Murray_kur'
      J.E Murray, "High Resolution Spectrophotometry of Neutral Chromium using a
      Fourier Transform Spectrometer", PhD thesis, Imperial College, London (1992).

    2. Corrections to RU Cr II and Fe II files - files 'Raassen & Uylings: Cr 2 corrected' #'cr2_RU_cor',
      'Raassen & Uylings: Fe 2 corrected' # 'fe2_RU_cor'

    3. Nd III - file 'Nd 3 New_class' #'nd3_vald2' (new classification and oscillator strength calculations for Nd III lines)
      RRKB: Ryabchikova, T., Ryabtsev, A., Kochukhov, O., Bagnulo, S. 2006, A\&A 456, 329-338

  10. Supplements

    1. Experimental Lande factors are added for Y II lines - file 'Y 2 Lande' #'y2_lande'

    2. Experimental Lande factors are added for Zr II lines - file 'Zr 2 Lande' #z'r2_lande'

Some of the data of the new release were already present in the previous release, for example the 'Ca1_SR' file with some of Ca I lines or the 'nd2_exp' file with experimental data from Wisconsin group. These data are included in the new files 'Ca_recommend' and 'wisc_vald2_new', the old files 'Ca1_SR' and 'nd2_exp' are removed from the configuration file.

Best Regards
The VALD team