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VALD news 1st July 2005

The DREAM line data base has been made accessible via VALD. Since the two databases are not merged, the DREAM files are not included in the VALD default configuration . Individual users can access them by changing their personal configuration accordingly.

To provide proper referencing , users are requested to acknowledge the usage of the DREAM database via VALD by the following sentence:

Atomic data compiled in the DREAM data base (E. Biemont, P. Palmeri & P. Quinet, Astrophys. Space Sci. 269-270, 635 (1999)) were extracted via VALD (Kupka et al., 1999, A&AS 138, 119, and references therein).

When quoting data extracted from DREAM for a specific ion, the users are kindly requested to mention the references given in the DREAM database for each ion. This will allow a correct referencing.

For all second ions of the rare-earth elements and for CeII Lande factors are now available thanks to calculations of the DREAM-team.
P. Quinet & E. Biémont, At. Data Nucl. Data Tables 87, 207-230 (2004)

Additional new line lists available for users:

1. Orthogonal-operator method calculations for Cr2 , Fe2 , Co2 by Raassen & Uylings.
Raassen, A.J.J. & Uylings P.H.M. 1998, A&A, 340, 300 - database

2. Experimental oscillator strength for Ca1 by Smith & Raggett.
Smith G. & Raggett D.St.J. 1981, J.Phys.B: At.Mol.Phys., 14, 4015

3. Experimental oscillator strengths for Sr1 by Garcia & Campos.
Garcia G. & Campos J. 1988, JQSRT, 39, 477

4. Experimental oscillator strengths for 708 Nd2 lines by Den Hartog et al.
Den Hartog, E.A., Lawler, J.E., Sneden, C., & Cowan, J.J. 2003, ApJS, 148, 543

All these files are not included in the default VALD configuration, therefor we ask all users to modify their personal configuration if necessary.

Please use the Vienna VALD service to access these new data, the Uppsala VALD mirror is currently updated.

Best regards
The VALD team