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Using VALD data

If the VALD data was used in your research work, we would appreciate the acknowledgment of VALD and of the VALD tools that you find most useful.
  Kupka F., Ryabchikova T.A., Piskunov N.E., Stempels H.C., Weiss W.W.,
  2000, Baltic Astronomy, vol. 9, 590-594

  Kupka F., Piskunov N.E., Ryabchikova T.A., Stempels H.C., Weiss W.W.,
  1999, A&AS 138, 119-133

  Ryabchikova T.A., Piskunov N.E., Kupka F., Weiss W.W.,
  1997, Baltic Astronomy, vol. 6, 244-247

  Piskunov N.E., Kupka F., Ryabchikova T.A., Weiss W.W., Jeffery C.S.,
  1995, A&AS 112, 525-535
We would also appreciate receiving a preprint or reprint of the relevant papers at the following address
  VALD project
  Institut für Astronomie
  Türkenschanzstraße 17
  A-1180 Wien, Austria
  c/o W.W.Weiss
When using data from the DREAM database, users are requested to acknowledge the usage of the DREAM database via VALD by:
  Atomic data compiled in the DREAM data base (E. Biemont, 
  P. Palmeri & P. Quinet, Astrophys. Space Sci. 269-270, 
  635 (1999)) were extracted via VALD (Kupka et al., 1999, 
  A&AS 138, 119, and references therein).

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