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Version: 0.4.4

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Show Line This request must have the following format

  begin request
  show line
  <approximate wavelength 1>,<wavelength window 1>
  <element 1> [spectral number 1]
  <approximate wavelength 2>,<wavelength window 2>
  <element 2> [spectral number 2]
  end request
where <approximate wavelength> is the central wavelength of the line in Angstroems. <wavelength window> determines the spectral range (it must not exceed 1 Angstroem) from

<approximate wavelength>  -  <wavelength window>
<approximate wavelength>  +  <wavelength window>

where VALD will search for the line. <element> and <spectral number> are defined in a conventional way. <spectral number> = 1 corresponds to neutral atoms, 2 to singly ionized, etc.

Show line requests for multiple spectral intervals may be combined in the same request. The current limit for multiple spectral intervals in one show line request is 100.


   begin request          # Start the request
   default configuration  # No special configuration
   show line              # Select request type
   4491.405, 0.02         # Search line between 4491.385
                          # and 4491.425 Angstroems
   Fe 2                   # The line is formed by singly ionized iron
                          # Next request starts below
   6439.07, 0.01          # Search line between 6439.06
                          # and 6439.08 Angstroems
   Ca1                    # The line is formed by neutral calcium
   end request            # The end of the request
The reply mail from VALD will contain the following table reqshowlin.txt

0 in place of a damping parameter and 99 in place of a Lande factor mark the absence of the corresponding data in VALD. The label given after the parameters for each line indicates the source of the data. For the section of SHOW LINE output following 'lines found' all quantities for one line originate from the same source. The last section of SHOWLINE output shows the combination of all sources, as it will appear for all the other types of VALD request.