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Version: 0.4.4

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Extract element

This request must have the following format

  begin request
  extract element
  [long format]
  [short format]
  <wavelength 1>,<wavelength 2>
  <element> [spectral number]
  end request
where <wavelength 1>,<wavelength 2> are again the limits of the spectral interval in Angstroem. Only the lines formed by <element> in one or all ionization stages will be extracted. [spectral number] defines the ionization stage: 1 stands for neutral atoms, 2 for singly ionized, etc.

Currently VALD includes mostly lines up to the spectral number 5. If [spectral number] is omitted, the extraction is done for lines up to the four times ionized atom.


   begin request   # Start of the request
   extract element # Request type
   5700, 5720      # Wavelength range in Angstroems
   Fe 3            # Extract all lines of doubly ionized iron
   end request     # End of the request
returns: reqextelm.txt

The mail reply will look similar to the one above, except that only lines of doubly ionized iron are included and each transition is supplemented with term designation (short format).