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Version: 0.4.4

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Customization Options

For all VALD-EMS requests there are some options to customize the request. These options can be inserted in the request after the request type statement. The options are

short format the output will be in compressed form. For the extract all, extract element and extract stellar this means that only one entry per line is displayed.
long format the output will be in extended form. This includes for each line the term designation, upper and lower Lande factors, quality estimate and additional reference data.

default configuration use the VALD default configuration of quality ratings and selection of the atomic line lists.
personal configuration  use individual preferences. Each user can maintain his/her own list of quality ratings and line list selections, and VALD-EMS will store this information in a personal file. It can be edited through the VALD Web interface.

If no format and/or configuration is entered, VALD-EMS defaults to short format and default configuration.

It is possible to force VALD to include only lines for which certain atomic parameters are known. If the parameter is not present, then the line is simply not included. These options are not applicable to the show line request The options are

have rad require a value of the radiation damping
have stark require a value of the Stark broadening
have waals require a value of the Van der Waals broadening
have lande require a Lande factor
have term require a term designation