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VALD EMS requests

VALD-EMS requests are ordinary electronic mails, sent via INTERNET to      
An e-mail for VALD-EMS can either be prepared and sent to any of these VALD sites using a standard e-mail program or by using one of the VALD Web interfaces (which submit the e-mail to a fixed site, usually that one running the Web interface).

Each mail can include only one request. The request consists of a number of lines. only the first 80 characters of each line are interpreted by VALD-EMS. The request starts with a line containing a string

       begin request 
and ends with a line
       end request 
Spaces are ignored and VALD is case insensitive, so the line
is also a valid termination for the request. All characters on a line of text in a request to VALD following the symbol # are ignored by VALD. This can be used for comments. For example
       Begin request   # this is a comment for the first line
All mail is processed at certain times of the day and valid requests are interpreted and submitted for execution in the order of arrival. After the request has been processed, the output file is mailed back to the client. This file contains: VALD-EMS REQUEST NUMBER, all diagnostic information (syntactic errors, wrong parameter values, etc.) and the extracted parameters. If the client has difficulty identifying the problem with his request, he should address the VALD administrator and supply the VALD-EMS request number, which appears on the first line of the reply mail.

For the case of larger requests, up to 20000 atomic lines at once, the feature 'via ftp' is available. To invoke it add the line

       via ftp
below the request type. Now the returning e-mail will contain a link where the resultant data file (gzipped) can be downloaded. Currently this link will be active for 48 hours.

See examples in Section extract all.