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The VALD interface

On top of the VALD-EMS, a World-Wide-Web interface was developed. This interface allows interactive creation of the request and will notify the user of inconsistencies or omissions in the request before converting the request to an ordinary VALD-EMS request.

Another addition to the user interface is the personal configuration file which was primarily dictated by the quick evolution of the content of our data base. With the addition of new line data of higher accuracy it is often impossible to reproduce the same selection with the standard VALD configuration file that controls the merging of different line lists according to the ranking system. One can still get the same selection with the old configuration file, but until VALD2 a user had no control over the content of the configuration file when using the EMS interface to access the data base. Now each client can choose between the standard configuration, created by VALD experts, or a personal configuration file that is modified only by the owner. A personal configuration file is first created as a copy of the standard configuration in response to a VALD-EMS request that contains the 'personal configuration' option or via the WWW interface. The WWW interface also provides a convenient editing tool. The VALD client can select a subset of the line lists that will be searched for extraction requests, set the ranking of different parameters that determines the merging procedure etc. (see Piskunov et al. 1995, Ryabchikova et al. 1999, Kupka et al. 1999). The latest copies of the personal configuration files are automatically distributed to all VALD servers as part of the synchronization procedure (see below).

The use of mirror sites is a logical way to distribute the work load and reduce VALD response time. It is particularly important for massive extraction that is performed, e.g. for model atmosphere calculations. There are currently three VALD mirror sites in operation, in Vienna, Uppsala and Moscow. In order to achieve coherence of all VALD servers we developed an additional layer of the software that runs automatically on top of the VALD email service and ensures the synchronization of all sites. Currently, synchronization is performed twice a day which means that within less than a day after registration a new client will have EMS access to all VALD sites.

Due to the massive increase off spam mail we recommend that you also use the contact page of the WWW interface when contacting the VALD staff, since we cannot guarantee that emails sent the traditional way will pass our spam filters.