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VALD data sets In this section we provide a compilation of all the line lists currently used within VALD. This list also serves to connect reference labels provided by VALD--EMS(and termed 'source list') with literature references.

Note that some spectral lines may appear in several of these lists. The method of log gf determination for new line data of VALD2 is indicated as well as the total number of lines in each list. The references corresponding to the abbreviations can be found in section 14.

Currently VALD includes only atomic lines from the following lists: VALD data sets

The Kurucz Bell light and Bell heavy data are compiled from the following sources: Kurucz CDROM18 data sets

The wavelengths contained in VALD are in vaccum for λ < 2000 Å and in air from λ = 2000 Å up to the infrared.

VALD is constantly adding more lines, so look for the most recent version of this document for the actual references and the corresponding labels. Please take into account that for all modes of data extraction except for SHOW LINE, data is merged from different lists. If you need detailed information on a line from all sources known, you have to use the SHOW LINE request, which enables you to see how the data from various sources are merged for a particular line.