Putting A Stars into Context: Evolution, Environment, and Related Stars
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Putting A Stars into Context: Evolution, Environment, and Related Stars

The conference Proceedings can be downloaded as a single file or/and individual contributed papers listed below.

The reference to the Proceedings is as follows.
Putting A Stars into Context: Evolution, Environment, and Related Stars -- Proceedings of the international conference held on June 3-7, 2013 at Moscow M.V. Lomonosov State University in Moscow, Russia. Eds.: G. Mathys, E. Griffin, O. Kochukhov, R. Monier, G. Wahlgren -- Moscow: Publishing house "Pero", 2014. -- 498 p.
ISBN 978-5-00086-273-5 (will be registered after the publication of the book)

Abstracts of individual contributed papers are accessible via the ADS database

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Title and Authors
A-type stars, and their families and friends
Landstreet J. D.
Chemically peculiar upper main-sequence stars in the Milky Way and beyond
Netopil M., Paunzen E., Maitzen H. M., Pintado O. I., Iliev I. Kh.
Chemical abundance studies of CP stars in open clusters
Fossati L.
Elemental abundance analysis of the early-type members of the open cluster M6: Preliminary results
Kiliçocğlu T., Monier R., Fossati L.
Discs around A-type and related stars
Grinin V. P.
Herschel DEBRIS survey of debris discs around A stars
Thureau N.
Trapped discs and the rotation rates of Ap stars
D'Angelo C.
Abundance analysis of planet-hosting and debris-disk stars
Rojas M., Drake N. A., Chavero C., Pereira C. B., Kholtygin A. F., Cahuasqui J. A.
Multiplicity of A-type and related stars
North P.
A-stars in the context of (long-period) binaries
Griffin R. E.
The Herbig Ae Star PDS2
Cowley C. R., Hubrig S.
Magnetic fields along the pre-main-sequence phase
Alecian E.
Generation and evolution of stable stellar magnetic fields in young A-type stars
Arlt R.
The protostar merger scenario of Ap star magnetic field generation
Lau H. H. B., Tout C. A., Wickramasinghe D., Ferrario L.
The rotation--binarity connection in Ap stars and its implications for the origin of their magnetic fields
Mathys G.
Determination of fundamental parameters of (chemically peculiar) A stars through optical interferometry
Perraut K., Cunha M., Mourard D., Nardetto N.
Interferometry of CP stars: how far can we go?
Shulyak D., Paladini C., Li Causi G., Sacuto S., Kochukhov O.
Methodology for measuring fundamental parameters and associated uncertainties for middle and cool main-sequence stars
Piskunov N., Ryabchikova T., Titarenko A., Pakhomov Yu. V., Nizamov B.
Recent results and current challenges in normal and chemically peculiar A-star model atmospheres
Shulyak D.
Determination of stellar atmospheric parameters of LAMOST A-type stars
Hou W., Luo A., Ren J., Wei P., Li Y.
Influence of departures from LTE on oxygen and calcium abundance determination in the atmospheres of A--K stars.
Sitnova T., Mashonkina L., Ryabchikova T., Pakhomov Yu.
Simultaneous mapping of chemical abundances and magnetic field structure in Ap stars
Lüeftinger T.
Doppler mapping of four roAp stars with anomalous lithium abundance
Polosukhina N., Shulyak D., Shavrina A., Lyashko D., Drake N., Glagolevsky Y., Kudryavtsev D., Smirnova M.
The study of evolutionary changes in intermediate mass magnetic CP stars across the H--R diagram
Semenko E. A.
Element spots in HgMn stars
Korhonen H.
Emission line variability in the HgMn star 11 Per
Wahlgren G. M., Bohlender D.
Establishing the link between HgMn and PGa stars
Drake N. A., Hubrig S., Schöller M., Ilyin I., Castelli F., Pereira C. B., Gonzalez J. F.
Microturbulence in A/F Am/Fm stars
Gebran M., Monier R., Royer F., Lobel A., Blomme R.
On the properties of non-magnetic peculiar B, A, and early F-type stars
Yüce K., Adelman S. J.
The origin of light variability in Ap stars
Krtička J., Mikulášek Z., Zverko J., Prvák M.
Modelling the variability of the CP star ψDra
Prvák M., Krtička J., Mikulášek Z., Lüftinger T., Liška J.
Vertical abundance gradients in Ap-star atmospheres
Ryabchikova T.
Diffusion in A and B stars
Landstreet J. D.
Surface helium enrichment in main sequence B stars
Staritsin E.
Interaction between radiation and stellar outflows
Netzer N.
Wind mass-loss rates in main-sequence B stars
Krtička J.
A-type rotator properties
Royer F.
Normal A0--A1 stars with low v sin i
Royer F., Gebran M., Monier R., Hill G., Gulliver A., Adelman S. J., Smalley B., Pintado O., Reiners A.
Ap stars with variable periods
Mikulášek Z., Krtička J., Janík J., Zejda M., Henry G. W., Paunzen E., Žižňovský J., Zverko J.
Internal angular momentum distribution of the A5 IV star α Oph
Castaneda D., Deupree R. G., Short C. I.
A- and B-type star pulsations in the Keplerand CoRoT era: observational results
Uytterhoeven K.
GSC4813-0981 = V921 Mon, a new low-amplitude δ Scuti star with variable amplitude
Galeev A., Bikmaev I., Shimansky V., Deminova N.
Rapidly varying A-type stars in the SuperWASP archive
Holdsworth D. L., Smalley B.
A- and B-type star pulsations in the Kepler and CoRoT era: theoretical considerations
Saio H.
LSD-based analysis of high-resolution stellar spectra
Tsymbal V., Tkachenko A., Van Reeth T.
Observational studies of roAp stars
Sachkov M.
Stochastic oscillations in A-type and related stars
Antoci V.
On the interpretation of new late B and early A periodic variable stars in NGC 3766
Mowlavi N., Saesen S., Barblan F., Eyer L.
Magnetic fields in O stars
Nazé Y.
On the possible existence of brightness spots on the Cyg X-1 supergiant
Karitskaya E. A., Bochkarev N. G.
Detecting weak magnetic fields in the central stars of planetary nebulae
Steffen M., Hubrig S., Todt H., Schöller M., Sandin C., Hamann W.-R., Schönberner D.
Magnetic fields in β Cep, SPB, and Be stars
Schöller M., Hubrig S., Briquet M., Ilyin I.
HARPS spectropolarimetry of O and B-type stars
Hubrig S., Schöller M., Ilyin I., Lo Curto G.
Recent results and current challenges in observations of magnetic fields in Ap/Bp stars
Romanyuk I. I.
Magnetic fields of Ap stars from full Stokes spectropolarimetric observations
Rusomarov N., Kochukhov O., Piskunov N.
Long-term variability in the magnetic field of the roAp star γ Equ
Savanov I. S., Romanyuk I. I., Semenko E. A., Dmitrienko E. S.
Magnetic fields in A stars besides Ap stars
Kochukhov O.
The magnetic field of Vega
Butkovskaya V.
Statistics of magnetic fields on OBA stars
Kholtygin A. F., Hubrig S., Drake N. A., Sudnik N. P., Dushin V. V.
Observed variations in the global longitudinal magnetic fields of stars
Bychkov V. D., Bychkova L. V., Madej J.
Variability of Kepler A- and B-type stars
Balona L. A.
X-rays from A stars -- Coronae and wind-shocks
Robrade J.
Bp star magetospheres
ud-Doula A.
Descendants of magnetic and non-magnetic A-type stars
Aurière M., Lignières F., Konstantinova-Antova R., Charbonnel C., Petit P., Tsvetkova S., Wade G.
Magnetic white dwarfs
Valyavin G. G.
Non-LTE studies of A-type supergiants
Przybilla N., Butler K., Firnstein M.
Putting the A-stars into context: concluding remarks
Cowley C.